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BästDry Tech AB is a company registered in Sweden, and located in the south part of Sweden. BästDry Tech have obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

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We are a company specializing in high-speed rotary atomizers. BästDry Tech provides customers with high-performance rotary atomizers by virtue of its experienced rotary atomizer design team, high-precision processing equipment and perfect technical service system.

BästDry Tech has always been committed to providing more products and high-quality services according to the actual needs of customers. In this process, we not only support the existing market demand, but also constantly develop new products to meet the growing customer requirements.

BästDry Tech’s innovative concept

Whether in the field of environmental protection, new energy materials, fine chemical drying and food/drug drying, BästDry Tech’s unremitting efforts will provide customers with economical, efficient, stable and reliable rotary atomizer products and effective solutions.

BästDry Tech's Quality Management Philosophy

Provide customers with high-performance products through standardized quality  control.

BästDry Tech's Technical Service Concept

Through rigorous system design and fine product quality control, we provide customers with excellent and timely technical services.

Rotary Atomizer Spare Parts Service

In addition to improving the spare parts of BästDry Tech brand rotary atomizers, we can also provide Non OEM spare parts of rotary atomizers. All the spare parts of BästDry Tech supplied rotary atomizers are made of the same materials as or superior to the original parts. Through BästDry Tech’s strict factory inspection and testing, all the spare parts provided are interchangeable with the original parts, at the same time, the non OEM spare parts of the rotary atomizer we provide have higher cost performance. The spare parts of the rotary atomizer we can provide are as follows:


  • Spindle of rotary atomizer
  • Rotating atomizer speed increasing gear assembly
  • Rotating atomizing disc
  • Rotating atomizer medium distribution plate
  • Bearing of rotary atomizer
  • Measuring instrument of rotary atomizer
  • Seal assembly of rotary atomizer
  • Repair and maintenance service of rotary atomizer

BästDry Tech’s Design Capability and Technical Services

BästDry Tech can provide complete overall services for different production needs of customers. BästDry Tech can provide the following design services:


  • Design of the whole spray drying and absorption process (SDA)
  • Design of spray drying of the whole concentrate
  • Design of hot air distributor
  • Calculation of material balance
  • CFD flow field simulation of the whole process

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ISO 9001
ISO 9001